dom (noun, Polish) : house, home, residence

RA:dom is a design firm located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, specializing in residential and commercial design work.


Adrian Rakowicz – Founder/Owner

My family moved to New York City from Poland when I was 8 years old in 1984. After graduating from the University of Rochester in 1998 I started my architectural career in the mean trenches of Manhattan corporate real estate. My desire to develop my skillset beyond the city storefronts and high rise office spaces drew me to high-end residential architecture in 2004. I was fortunate enough to find a firm similar to my residential experience in New York when I moved to Los Angeles with my wife in 2007.

My almost 20 years of experience working with very talented people gave me the tools and knowledge to start RA:dom, with the intent of giving the best service that I can provide.